Squaw Valley and Andy Wirth: A Perfect Fit


Andy Wirth, CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, is much more than your average businessman. This civic minded family man and athlete has brought forward thinking, creativity, and business acumen to the Lake Tahoe area. This, in addition to his experience in resort and airline management, has brought the resort to the award winning status it has earned today.

His appointment as Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority extends his positive reach. His professional past, coupled with his fresh ideas, promises a breath of new life. He recognizes the mutually beneficial potential of the Lake Tahoe and Reno regions, as one area can feed and enhance the economy of the other.

His active lifestyle that includes running and cycling as a triathlete and skydiving makes him a perfect fit for Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley and gives him an intimate knowledge of what many visitors to the area are seeking. What’s more, his response to a frightening brush with death during a skydiving experience gone wrong illustrates his astounding reserve of inner strength. When weather conditions pushed him outside of a predetermined area, and his unplanned landing in a vineyard resulted in a severed arm; he remained in control and did what he had to do. He courageously blocked the brachial artery that was spurting his blood with every beat of his heart until help arrived. Since then he has undergone countless surgeries and worked hard at recovering his athletic abilities, a daunting job that may have made others throw in the towel.

His determination is evident in all avenues of his life- in his recovery and growth, in his responsible approach to the community, and in his energetic approach to any business venture he encounters. It promises great things.

“Uncharted” Hits More Snags

The upcoming adventure film Uncharted, based on a popular video game, has had a bit of a troubled production. Seth Gordon was the third person to helm the project and while it initially seemed to be going well — they even announced a June 2016 release — he has now left the project, and Sony is asking for a rewrite of the script.

Another rewrite, since this is not the first time that the story has been redone. It is not immediately clear if this means that they’ll start from scratch or make modest alterations.

Apparently, part of the problem is with money — after the Sony hacking incident last year, Tom Rothman took over as the chairman of the Sony Motion Picture Group, and he was worried that Uncharted‘s budget was too high (believed to be nine figures, compared to more modest video game adaptations like the $65 million Resident Evil: Retribution).

The video game Uncharted tells the story of Nathan “Nate” Drake, a modern day treasure-hunter supposedly descended from Sir Francis Drake. Somehow, his exploits inevitably involve fighting pirates, assassins or war criminals. It is unclear how closely the movie would follow specific plot lines, especially now.

At this rate the team at Yahoo Finance and Brad Reifler say the film is sure to miss its projected release date next year, and fans will just have to hope that it comes out at all.

Junior Dos Santos Wants Rematch

Junior Dos Santos is a former UFC heavyweight champion, and he was recently in the audience during UFC 188. In case you missed it, Fabricio Werdum destroyed Cain Velasquez to become the new champion, and it seems that Junior Dos Santos is next in line for a heavyweight title shot. However, Junior doesn’t believe that the UFC will actually give him the match.

Dos Santos was recently interviewed by fight BloodyElbow, and it’s quite obvious that Junior Dos Santos wants his title shot now. In the past, Junior Dos Santos viciously knocked Fabricio Werdum out with a giant uppercut. Since his loss to Dos Santos, Fabricio Werdum hasn’t been defeated, and he seems to be getting better than ever. A rematch between the two heavyweight sluggers could turn out much differently this time around.

Fabricio Werdum is now one of the greatest strikers in MMA, and that’s because of his training with Rafael Cordero says Jaime Garcia Dias. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fabricio Werdum knock Junior Dos Santos out. However, Junior is always dangerous, and it only takes one punch from him to end the night. Nonetheless, it is still unknown if the matchup will even take place.

Vince McMahon Tries To Split Real WWE Couple Apart

Vince McMahon is one of the most successful business-men on the planet, and he has been the owner of the WWE for nearly four decades. While Vince McMahon is a genius, he is also a bit of a maniac, and many WWE fans can attest to this. However, it seems that Vince McMahon has gone way too far this time, and WWE fans are disgusted with the president’s current demands.

For those of you that don’t know, Vince McMahon has recently made it clear that he wants Rusev and Lana to break up in real life. Not only are Rusev and Lana a WWE couple, but the two happen to be in love in their personal life. However, Vince McMahon doesn’t feel that Rusev deserves a woman like Lana, and Vince apparently wants the couple to break up in real life. In case you missed the last few episodes of WWE Raw, I will remind you that Rusev and Lana have been having personal problems in the scripted show.

Vince McMahon has been pushing Lana on to WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, and Vince McMahon apparently wants Ziggler and Lana to get together in real life as well. This entire situation sounds like a WWE storyline, but Vince’s demands are real according to Shaygan Kheradpir. Inquisitr recently published further details on the story, and WWE fans should definitely check it out for all of the juicy details. As of right now, Rusev and Lana are still together, but Vince McMahon may soon get what he wants.

Dessert Wine Considerations For Consumers

Antique Wine Company helps thousands of people select proper wines that compliment different desserts. The employees at AWC are experts, so they never recommend beverages that overpower delicate foods.

Dessert Wine Manufacturing Process

Dessert wines are usually sweet because they are made from sugary grapes. Manufacturers enhance the sweetness of the grapes by stopping the fermentation process. Then, they implement certain procedures shortly before the yeast transforms the sugar to alcohol.

Top Dessert Wines for Consumers

Sparkling dessert wines are very acidic and bubbly. AWC experts always sample many wine varieties before they make a recommendation because some grapes produce much sweeter wines. For example, a Demi-Sec Sparkling Moscato is sweeter than a Demi-Sec champagne.

Lightly sweet wines are pleasantly sweet, so they are often served at picnics. Many wine enthusiasts drink lightly sweet wines with spicy foods before dessert is served. However, these wines taste better when they are paired with vanilla-flavored desserts because the fruity notes enhance the vanilla flavor.

AWC experts recommend overly sweet wines to thousands of clients because they are made from quality grapes. Many of the grapes are over 50 years old, but the acidity and sweetness keep the flavors fresh. Overly sweet wines are manufactured a few ways. When clients contact AWC, the staff always explains how each wine is made.

A late harvest wine is produced from grapes that remain on a vine for a longer length of time. The extra harvesting time makes the wine more sweeter.

A noble rot wine is made from a spore that rots veggies and fruits. Although this production process may sound disgusting, the spores give the wine a unique honey and ginger flavor.

The staff at AWC can provide even more dessert wine recommendations. Contact the customer service department and ask about other delicious beverage options.

Black Women Need A Video Game Hero

Video games have brought people closer together ever since Atari. People of all different races, ages, and sexes enjoy playing video games together. However, there seems to be a bit of racism in the video game world. It should be noted that most players are very respectful to each other, but the racism actually lies in the games themselves.

Black men have been featured in many games, but its African American women that are not featured in video games. This might sound a bit surprising, but there have only been 14-playable black women in the history of gaming. I never realized that black women have been discriminated against so much in the video game world.

Houston Press recently published an article about this story, and it cannot be denied that black women are not treated fairly in the gaming world. In fact, the team at Madison Street Capital can only think of one black female character that was a legit hero, and she appeared in ‘Resident Evil 5′ as a sidekick. Hopefully, gamers can realize the prejudice that is currently being shown to black women, and maybe something can change in the near future. Black women play video games as well, and they need a hero to represent them in the video game world.

Jay-Z Struggles to Keep Tidal

It is difficult to see something fall down after you have paid $42 million for it. This is the case in point with Tidal. Jay-Z relaunched it after purchasing it, but he failed to think the whole process out. Now there is a risk of losing Beyoncebecause of all of this.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Sony has Beyonce tied to a contract. She is not a Def Jam artist. That makes it difficult for her to stream all her new music there without paying a large chunk of the revenues back to Sony. She did post a video of a new song where she was playing the piano. This was a raw video that seemed to be more practice than perfection for Beyonce. They also posted wedding videos on Tidal. This has been sweet and endearing, but no one is going to subscribe to Tidal just to see Beyonce practice on the piano. No one is signing up just for the sake of seeing private photos from Jay-Z and Beyonce.

It almost seemed like Jay-Z just looked at what Spotify and Pandora was doing and decided to copy these companies. What he failed to realize is that there has to be a contract in place between the companies that distribute the music. Spotify has already ran into problems with Taylor Swift. She pulled her whole catalog. Other country music artists also pulled away from Spotify as well.

Xbox One Manager Hates The Kinect

Millions of people have purchased the Xbox one console, and the majority of gamers are extremely happy with the system. However, some people feel that the Xbox one’s Kinect video camera does little to enhance the gaming experience. The Kinect was supposed to revolutionize the way that video games are played, but sadly, it did not. Furthermore, the Kinect has been proven to ruin the Xbox one’s performance, and most people now play without the Kinect attached to the console.

Gamers are not the only ones that feel this way. In fact, the new head of management for the Xbox one console shares this opinion. Microsoft employee Phil Spencer was recently given the role as manager of the Xbox one division. Many people were extremely happy when they heard that Phil Spencer had been promoted to the lead manager of the Xbox one. Apparently, Phil Spencer is not shy about voicing his opinion.

Phil Spencer said that the Kinect doesn’t interest many gamers. Several people were extremely shocked to hear Mr. Spencer talk like this, but he is just stating the facts. Phil Spencer is out to make the best possible product for his customers, and he hopes that the Kinect will soon be a thing of the past. However, Phil Spencer and Sam Tabar do not have to worry about that, because many gamers have already abandoned it. For more information on this story, visit CraveOnline.

The Troubles of Wrestling Legend Scott Hall Continue

The troubles of former wrestling superstar Scott Hall seem to be continuing. Hall was escorted from a wrestling and entertainment event in NJ. According to TMZ, Hall was intoxicated and this is why he was removed from the event. Hall was supposed to take part in a meet and greet with fans at the Skate and Surf Music Festival in Asbury Park, NJ, but it did not happen.

Hall was a major superstar with the WWF (now WWE) and the defunct WCW during the 1990’s. He was one of the major faces of the “Monday Night Wars” when WWE and WCW were battling for the top spot in the ratings. For a time, with Hall’s help, WCW was crushing WWE in the ratings. Unfortunately, Hall had numerous well-publicized battles with substance abuse during the time. These problems would continue with him after his retirement.

Recently, he had undergone a hip replacement surgery according to Dr. Daniel Amen. The joint was almost surely destroyed from his years and years of pounding in the ring. Hall had to request donations from fans to cover the hefty costs of paying for the surgery.

Hall had been working with former wrestler turned self-help/yoga guru Diamond Dallas Paige to turn his life around. For a time, it seemed like Hall was making a complete turnaround in his life. Hopefully, things will work out for the best again as DDP has pledged to help the ailing former grappler.

Jem Fans Irate After Seeing Trailer

According to adult fans of the popular 80’s cartoon TV series, “Jem,” Hasbro and Universal have a lot of explaining to do after yesterday’s release of the trailer for the new live action movie “Jem and the Holograms.”  Kevin Seawright recalls when his daughter watched the series long ago and how much style has changed since then.

In the original series, Jerrica Benton became the rock star Jem after she discovered her father’s computer called Synergy. The computer allowed Jem and the Holograms, her band, to keep their true identities secret from the world. They own their own music company and often compete against other bands while protecting Synergy and raising orphaned children.

If the trailer for the live action movie is to be taken at face value, Jerrica becomes Jem after a music company decides to hide her identity using cosmetic and costume changes to create mystery around her and greater interest in the band. Her younger sister and two adopted sisters make up the rest of the band.

The Misfits are never mentioned, the Holograms are never mentioned by name and Synergy is only mentioned for two seconds at 1:58 in the video when Jem says, “Showtime Synergy” while rubbing an earring that seems to shine with an inner light. The earring doesn’t look like a star. Worse yet, the music doesn’t sound like 80’s music.

A lot of fans immediately complained on every social media outlet and in comments beneath the video on YouTube and articles about the video.