Crafting the Perfect PR Pitch

When it comes to running a business you need to have several different things going for you. Most people would believe that having an excellent product would be the only important aspect of a successful company. While it is true that having a great product helps, you also have to be able to sell the product as well. Status Labs is an online reputation management company based in Austin, Texas and they’ve been helping customers get their message out for years. The team at Status Labs put together a collection of tips on how to craft your ultimate PR pitch to get your product sold or your company talked about.

Status Labs starts off by suggesting that you do heavy research before making any contacts with magazines, newspapers, or journalists. You want to make sure that you are looking for the right journalist and the right platform to deliver your message. It wouldn’t do you any good to pitch your tech business to a journalist that covers gardening, would it? Before you send off an email or make a phone call try to create a relationship and know just who you are talking to.

Alright, now you need to have an idea as to how you are going to pitch yourself or your product to this individual. The best way you can do that, according to Status Labs, is to have an amazing elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a summary of your product or business that can be summed up in six sentences or less, enough time to tell someone during an elevator ride. Make your pitch concise, compact, and thoroughly punchy — you want to leave an impression. That is why Status Labs implores you to really push the storytelling aspect of your pitch. Make it fantastic, make the pitch stand out from the plethora of emails they no doubt receive.

Finally, Status Labs suggests that you practice every aspect of professional courtesy. You want to make the journalist’s job as easy as possible. This means that you should reply to emails as timely as possible, give accurate information, and look to accommodate the journalist in whatever ways you can. Follow Status Labs on Instagram to learn more about the company.

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Kate Hudson Has Taken Fabletics To New Heights

Fabletics is a high-quality, affordable brand of activewear launched in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg and Kate Hudson.

Although there were literally dozens of such lines available, none combined the quality, price and selection that Fabletics offered. So the trio got to work and provided everything the everyday women was looking for in workout gear.

The company took off like a rocket and achieved success in short order. By Sept. 2014, Fabletics had expanded to the U.K., Germany, France and Canada. Today, the company has a men’s line and a children’s line.

Hudson also serves as the line’s spokeswoman. She appears in a number of print ads and has granted several interviews discussing the wildly popular line on When Fabletics was first launched, it was a solely internet-based platform. The online format is also the most popular and lucrative. To date, it has already filled more than 1 million in orders since its inception.

Fabletics has a full line of workout outfits and accessories. Customers can choose from bras, tank tops, bottoms and shoes. The ordering process is streamlined and easy.

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Ressler and Goldenberg are some of the youngest businessmen in the industry who have headed million dollar companies. Both have a vision and an eye for fashion. By the time the duo met 15 years ago as teenagers, they had already earned millions as entrepreneurs.

Hudson serves as more than just the face of the company. She is inspirational, motivational and a great role model who want to achieve a level of health and wellness. Hudson says she had her children in mind when helping put together the children’s line. “They love it because it offers a vast selection just like the adult line.”

Each month, Hudson models her favorite pics on the website. “Women want to look and feel good when they workout,” according to Hudson. And she’s right. You look good. You feel good. You workout good. She admits that she never dreamed the line would achieve the amount of success that it has. Customers should keep an eye out for new pieces added to the line in the fall.

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Securus Technologies Unveils its Intentions to Shame GTL for its Unethical Practices

Being a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology in the inmate communication sector places Securus Technologies in a good position to advocate for ethical business practices in the industry. In recent times, the Dallas-based company declared a move shame Global Tel Link (GTL), which is also an inmate communications provider, for its integrity breach.

After releasing its first findings regarding Global Tel Link wrongdoings, Securus Technologies indicated that a series of multiple articles, press releases, facts as well as findings would follow in the coming six months. The first press release by Securus revealed a myriad of wrongdoings undertaken by GTL during the period whereby it provided outbound telephone services to the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

According to Order No.U-20784-B, which was compiled by the Louisiana PSC, GTL programmed the rates of its phones contrary to the permitted rates. The report also revealed that GTL programmed the duration of phone calls by adding either 15 or 36 seconds to its telephone clocks. Other wrongdoings included double-billing as well as inflated call charges.

Facts about Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of inmate technology solutions in the United States. Serving more than 1,200,000 inmates and over 3450 corrections public safety as well as law enforcement agencies, it has proven itself as the ideal choice for criminal and civil justice technology. It specializes in providing information management, incident management, emergency response, communication, public information, inmate self-services, biometric analysis and investigation services and products.

Founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. The company has grown and expanded into various locations across the United States such as Chicago, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. Currently, it possesses one of the largest in-house domestic call centers in the inmate communications industry, which has a 220 sitting capacity. It is also a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ Rating. Securus achieved this status after attaining various standards such as being transparent, honesty, creating trust, honoring promises being responsive as well as safeguarding privacy.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Rise of the Fabletics Retail Stores

Fabletics is a brand that specializes in the manufacture and sale of activewear, fitness, and workout clothing for both men and women. It was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler back in 2013. The company ranks stands at No. 98 according to Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

JustFab Inc. being the parent company, Fabletics has been operating on an online retail platform for the past years since it was founded. The online platform is interactive to offer the best customer experience. One is required to take a brief pop quiz that helps the company create a personalized outfit recommendations for one’s particular lifestyle. One then chooses from the numerous styles available, and they get sorted out.

In the quest for Fabletics to expand and widen its client’s and customer base, they have opted to go beyond just the online platform. The company has, in the past year opened up retail stores where the customers can come, look, feel and choose the fabric of their choice. The company at, in September through October of 2015 opened the first of the retail stores in malls. The malls where these retail stores were opened from were those operated by General Growth Properties and Westfield. The locations included Columbia, Kenwood Towne Center, Cincinnati, St. Louis Galleria and Christina Mall in Newark among others. Gregg Throgmartin commented expressing the positive result the retail stores have yielded for the company. According to internet retailer, he is quoted saying in Palm Springs at the annual eTail West conference, “As we’ve opened these stores, we see that customers like the Omni-channel experience. They are not just shopping in one channel. They may want to go to the store, try it on, feel the fabric, and then buy online at night.” He pointed out that the good response from the customers had led them to consider opening more stores this year, and the years following.

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The newest of the stores of Fabletics was opened at SouthPark Mall. The store creates a trio of retail options for the customers.

According to Forbes reports, Fabletics has plans of setting up more new stores ranging from 75 to 100. This project has been scheduled to take place in a period of between three to five years, by which they are projecting to have them all up and functioning fully.

Fabletics that had previously been specialized in women’s outfits only, also expanded their products to cover even the apparels and accessories for the men. These moves – the increase of their product cover and setting up of retail stores – are aimed at improving their competitive powers against the other giant brands in this market. Throgmartin challenged retailers to look for better ways to improve their product as service delivery as their company continues to do.

How U.S Money Reserve Helps in The Distribution of Government Issued Precious Metals

The U.S Money Reserve’s Director, Mr. Philip Diehl, was recently interviewed at the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio by Eric Dye. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot. tv

Eric is a host of an educative show that creates an interactive platform for SME owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to share their latest products, services, innovations, knowledge, and business strategies.

Mr. Diehl has attended several interviews at various media stations, and he has been speaking about his leadership experience, the future of the gold industry and the standard of customer service that the U.S Money Reserve’s clients receive.

The P.R Newswire indicates that Mr. Diehl is a former director of the U.S Mint, and he accomplished a lot of the Company. He helped the company in minting its first platinum coin that is government issued and also played a top role in the creation and completion of the Fifty State Project.

These achievements make Philip be recognized by the U.S Mint as the best director that has ever served the company. During his as the tenure, Mr. Diehl led the firm and its employees in ensuring that they had the best customer service.

Mr. Diehl has used the same business strategies from the time he joined the U.S Money Reserve. He is focused on customer service, and this has made the company to be among the best distributors of government issued precious coins, bullion, and bars. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The company recently launched a new self-regulated IRA program that offers an opportunity for anyone to own gold as a way of storing wealth and earn profits when there is a rise in gold prices.

The U.S Money Reserve is one of the leading suppliers of Government issued precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The company was founded in 2001, and it runs its operations from its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The U.S Money Reserve is highly depended on by thousands of U.S citizens and foreigners in distributing their wealth to government issued precious metals.

The firm’s website indicates that more than 300,000 clients have sort its services since it was founded. The company has employees who have excellent knowledge on coin research and numismatics, and this helps it in acquiring the best market information that can be used in determining the best products that can help gold trader make the best profits.

The U.S Money Reserve is socially responsible, and it recently played a significant role in raising three thousand dollars for the Austin Police Department’s Operation Smile.

WEN, by Chaz Dean, Set to Be Ground-breaker in the Hair Care Industry.

Corresponding to the numerous opinions on hair care products, a lot of goods have come promising to bring tremendous change to their users. The same case applies to the hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean, but it only involves one taking the bold step of using it to see the results first hand. The brand proves to be an effective means for any hair type, depending on the formulation applied. With the promise of a bouncy and shiny hair, Emily McClure is one brave lady that took the challenge in trying out this outstanding product and gave her honest views on (
Wen cleansing conditioners are hair care products sold on Amazon that contain shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all-in-one container. Irrespective of negative, though minimal, side effects reported on the product, Emily took on the product for an entire week and reported a distinct change in her hair. There was tangible change on the first day of applying the hair product. Hair strands felt thicker, and there was visible shine and bounce to her hair. Apart from the greasy after-effect, Dean’s hair care product proved to be more than effective. This, after all, was nothing a quick hot shower couldn’t fix.
Dean’s career in the hair care industry kick-started from the first Salon he was appointed. His ambition and hard work lead him to buy the salon and attracting famous celebrities as his major clientele. His humble beginnings can be traced back from New Jersey Pennsylvania where he drew his inspiration from his grandmother’s fabrics and his grandfather’s handcrafted furniture work.
Chaz Dean also involved himself with photography, which helped him to envision the image he sought to bring out of his clients with his hair care products. On top of his impressionable work ethics, he carries around him a Zen-like aura which he reflects his customers, making him approachable and a great sales marketer. He sells his products on sephora.
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Kate Hudson Smart Athleisure Dresses By Fabletics – A World Of Comfort

Fabletics brand ambassador and co-founder celebrity Kate Hudson joined Marie Claire Magazine for an interview recently. The highlights included her latest designer athleisure party dresses. Fabletics released the collection on April 1. Although chic party dresses dominated the discussion, Kate Hudson shared news about her performance swimwear line as well. Sporty, stylish and functional, these swimsuits set the stores ablaze during the mid-April launch earlier this year.

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Little black dresses scream fun, but they’re not absolutely comfortable. Kate’s inspiration for her athleisure party dresses answers the cry of the active woman on a night out. It’s the perfect designer number to escape stereotypical little black dresses. Interestingly, she’s even admitted having affection for the styles herself. She’d model any style. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity for a first-hand experience before it reaches the consumer. What’s more, she loves the idea of versatility. Her athleisure designer dresses of Fabletics are compatible with date night, dinner, casual outings, and nightlife.

Kate Hudson described the dresses motivating a freeing feeling. With the guarantee of high-performance fabric similar to that of activewear fashion. The dresses adapt to the demands of the environment. Imagine not enduring the common hassle of coming out of a vehicle. She’s engineered her designer athleisure dresses to escape discomfort. In the same vein, she’s offering elegance, functionality and performance. Her featured Tropez dress boasts a smart built-in bra. It doesn’t come with the everyday bra troubles. All her high fashion athleisure dresses extend the same level of comfort and freedom.

Forbes Magazine covered Fabletics news in their February issue. It focused on Fabletics expansion plans to launch 100 physical store locations. At the time, it just opened the 7th franchise occupying a Minnesota Mall shop space. JustFab co-CEO and co-creator Adam Goldenberg remarked on the recent improvements witnessed with its subsidiary Fabletics. He reported that the subscription-based e-commerce retailer has seen healthy progress in customer service. Online lifestyle magazine Racked provided commentary on the e-commerce subscription-based model launching nationwide stores. In addition, it’s recruiting shoppers for its discounted subscription service. Fabletics reported that it’ll launch as many as 75 stores over the course of the next 3-5 years.

The JustFab brand, Fabletics founded by film industry celebrity Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2013. Initially, the retailer focused on designing women’s athleisure and accessories. Its membership offers the hottest designer outfits for a reduced price. Of course, it’s an invitation-only offer that attracts a monthly charge. In addition, the consumer has creative control to select their preferred styles and markdowns as substantial as 50 percent. Fabletics debuted its men’s sportswear collection last summer. Celebrity actor Oliver Hudson, Kate’s brother models this line. Fabletics added swimsuits and high-performance dresses, which hit the marketplace in spring. 

George Soros: Debt Relief Good for Ukraine’s Economy

The International Monetary Fund advised Ukraine to first make a deal with its creditors before requesting for any more financial support. Ukraine economy has surfed terribly from the Russian aggression. The $19 billion foreign debt that the country owes has now become impossible to sustain. The country is, however, trying to negotiate a deal with its creditors in order to save their struggling economy.

Ukraine seems to be missing any course for bankruptcy; thus, they are left with no choice but to negotiate with its lenders to help make things right. Ukraine nonetheless, doesn’t seem to have any leverage on the negotiation apart from threats of defaulting. Ukraine needs debt relief, as defaulting will discourage investing in the country for a long time to come.

Ukraine is a sovereign borrower, and there is no provision for solving this type of debt. Defaulting on sovereign debt is costly. Greece is a good example of a sovereign defaulter and if a country can negotiate a reach a deal with its lenders, it is possible to get back into the market within a year or two. Defaulting causes major economic problems as George Soros Ukraine explains, it normally causes more harm than what the act of defaulting in itself does.

Nicholas Brady showed his understanding of this crisis when in 1989 encouraged banks to accept debts relief. This was significant for countries that were seeking significant reforms. When an investor plans to invest in a country the future and not the past is what that determines whether they will invest.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Presently Mr. Brady is the Chairman of Darby Overseas Investments, and the firm is the private-equity arm of Franklin Templeton who are the largest bondholders in Ukraine. The company is opposed to a debt relief and the position of Mr. Brady today is parallel to that he had in 1989.

Indeed, the Ukrainian government wants a similar deal to that which Brady offered in 1989. It will be significant in routing the country from corruption, reforming its judicial sector and also reducing its dependency on Russia. George Soros advise that if a debt relief would help in the achievement of democratic and positive reforms, then other arguments should be ignored. Soros further suggests that if defaulting will result in gaining debt relief then investors should encourage it not denounce it.

Indeed, Ukraine is in an unfair position considering that most of its problems are as a result of Russia aggression towards them. Soros also does think the argument that defaulting ruins a countries reputation is misguided and runs against the logic behind US bankruptcy code. The code allows companies with debts to reorganize their debts.

They way chapter 11 is structured it undertakes that heavily debated companies cannot be forced to pay their debts in full as it is bad for business. But getting debt relief is good for business.

In the case of Ukraine, bondholders are afraid of losing their money, and it seems like it’s all they care about. Their argument Ukraine losing money is not correct according to George Soros, and they should be honest say that they are protecting their investments.

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